Crystal and Dan - Overseas Wedding - Cyprus

February 13, 2017  •  2 Comments

By now it's probably obvious that I'm quite fond of overseas weddings - I love everything about them - from arranging my accommodation and travel to packing my equipment and battling with airlines who want me to put my camera stuff in the hold... The excitement of travelling to different countries and going to new venues is something that never wavers. Cyprus was no different. 

After flying from Seattle to London, I had a few hours to myself before jumping on a plane to Paphos. Despite having been to Paphos a few times before, this was my first time in Coral Bay, which is where Crystal and Dan hired a villa for both their holiday and the wedding reception. 

Crystal and Dan's wedding plans were very unique - they were having a secret 'official' ceremony at a private beach in Coral Bay before celebrating with their (oblivious!) family the next day. While guests knew that the afternoon villa ceremony and reception was not legally binding, they assumed that Crystal and Dan would be having an official wedding back in the UK, and not the night before! Under the guise of it being a pre-wedding shoot, I headed off to the private beach where a simple pagoda overlooked the mediterranean sea - the only people there being the Officiant, Crystal, Dan and me! 

The next day there was a small ceremony at the villa with an afternoon barbecue reception in the courtyard. The evening saw us all head off to Paphos Harbour in a double decker London bus before going on a private yacht where I was treated to easily one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. 


Thank you so much, Rich - means a lot coming from someone of your standing!
Richard Savage(non-registered)
Awesome as always, a great set and love how you documented it
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