I'm a self taught professional photographer. This means, despite having initially studied photography at college, that the majority of what I have learnt has come from years of hands on experience. I typically don't believe that you can be taught photography or to be a good photographer. You can learn how to use equipment, but you cannot be taught what makes a good image... that comes from passion and experience - both of which I have. I rarely leave the house without my camera, because I see photography as far more than just a job - it's something I just absolutely adore. I think this is important as it means that every image I take matters to me, and not just to who I am taking the photograph for. I am a perfectionist and only produce images that I would be delighted to receive. Every wedding or event that I shoot demands one hundred per cent of my commitment and attention.

I'm fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout the world. This means that I have experience of a range of cultures, people and environments which is reflected in my approach to wedding photography. I believe it is all about capturing the moments; something which has always formed the foundations of my travel work. I am also fortunate to have had images featured on National Geographic, Lonely Planet and have experience of award-winning landscape photography. I am one of only three other Welsh photographers to be awarded membership of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA - http://www.wpja.com/) and have experience of shooting weddings both in the UK and abroad - meaning I am very familiar with a range of ceremony approaches, people, venues and pretty much everything!

For testimonials from previous clients, please see the 'Kind Words' section. 


I charge £850 for a full day's coverage. This includes: 

Coverage from the moment you start getting ready until a little after the first dance/9pm (approximately 10-12 hours of coverage)

500+ fully edited images in a range of colour and black & white presented on a USB memory stick and a password-protected online gallery 

All travel within the UK (including pre-wedding meetings) 

All liability and indemnity insurance, VAT and licence to print rights

Albums can be purchased separately 


The following questions are what I get most commonly asked concerning wedding photography. If you have any questions about corporate, portraiture or events photography, then please email me at: pippacarvell@hotmail.com and I will respond within 24 hours.

What does the wedding price involve?

You receive fully edited, high resolution digital copies of the images from the day (500+) in a range of black and white and colour. All original copies are kept for twelve months, so if - for example - you mislay your USB/disc, etc. then I can send a replacement to you. My price also covers Personal Liability Insurance/Professional Indemnity Insurance and travel to the venue/s across the UK. You receive licence to print rights which means that you can have your images printed wherever you like. All prices include a no obligation first meeting, any follow up meetings and are inclusive of VAT. 

What happens if your camera breaks on the day?

I bring at least two camera bodies to the wedding, in addition to numerous lenses and other equipment to allow for every eventuality. Most of my equipment is less than a year old and very well looked after.

What equipment do you use? How is this any different to having a guest photograph the day?

While I believe that equipment isn't necessarily everything, I also think it is nigh on impossible to replicate images that are created with professional photography equipment and experience. I use Canon 5D Mark III bodies with a range of Canon lenses covering wide angle, 'prime' lenses for portraiture, and zoom. For those that have some knowledge of SLR equipment, the 5D bodies are full frame, meaning that they produce beautiful, non-cropped results with a huge megapixel count which allows for very large images to be printed. In addition to this, using such equipment means I can be as unobtrusive as possible while working in a range of conditions, including low light and bad weather. 

How long does it take to get our pictures after the wedding?

My typical 'turnaround' is 4 weeks. At particularly busy times of the year (such as July and August) it may take up to 6 weeks, however this is rare. During this time I am always available should you have any questions. Please bear in mind that every image is individually edited. 

Do we need to supply a meal if you are staying all day?

No, I'm perfectly fine bringing my own sandwiches and often some venues keep a spare meal for photographers/contractors anyway.

Can we have some pictures in black and white?

Of course. I supply a range of black and white and colour images depending on your preference. The one thing, however, that I don't do is 'selective colour' or 'colour pop' as this is something that deviates from my style. 

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Often, people assume that wedding photographers charge an extortionate amount for only a day's work, however the service goes far beyond that. A wedding photographer's work starts as early as the first enquiry and doesn't finish at the end of the wedding night but rather weeks later, after editing work, backing up files, and sifting through thousands of images to provide you with the best possible product. The price charged reflects around a month of full time work - both before, during and after the wedding day. Professional photographers also invest thousands in equipment, insurance, transport, etc. 

I would be very wary of photographers offering services which seem far cheaper as it's likely that they have not bothered with Personal Liability Insurance provision, proper contracts, extra equipment, etc. which can all have negative effects on your wedding day. You really do get what you pay for with wedding photography.

What pictures will you take at our wedding?

It is important to me that I take the pictures you would like me to take - after all, it is your wedding day! Typically, though, my photography style is a candid, documentary approach, where I aim to tell a story of your day through images. I will also take any family/friend set ups and will happily discuss all of your ideas both before and during the big day. I am always open to suggestions and I can never take too many photographs! I also love to include the little details from the day, such as table arrangements, flowers, etc. but I am most happy when I'm documenting the day unfolding. One of the biggest compliments I can be given is when people comment that they barely saw me, as I like to be as inconspicuous as possible during your day. 

How – and when – do we pay you?

I require a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of confirmation to secure your booking. The remaining balance must on or before the day of the wedding. All transactions are contracted and receipted and there are a range of payment options.